About LUFA

LUFA is the Laurentian University Faculty Association. We are the union that represents faculty at Laurentian University.

LUFA is affiliated with the Canadian Association of University Teachers, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, the Sudbury and District Labour Council, the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress through the National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

Faculty membership in the bargaining unit is obligatory under the Ontario Labour Relations Act since the Laurentian University Faculty Association is the bargaining agent. You can also apply for membership with us by completing this form and sending it to our office. Membership is then renewed automatically each year.

Our Constitution and Bylaws explain our goals, the roles of officers, and how we run our affairs as a union. We are required to hold general membership meetings twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring. Our Board meets regularly and the Executive of the Board meets frequently. There are also various Board policies.

LUFA negotiates the terms and conditions of your employment as a faculty member with the Laurentian Board of Governors. These terms and conditions are set out in the collective agreement and include academic freedom (Article 3.10), salary (Article 8.10), increments (notably Article 8.15), benefits (Article 8.45) and professional development (Article 6.45).

Also noteworthy are:

  • Article 3.20 (Working Environment) which provides that full-time members have an office, a schedule for computer replacement, and that $40,000 be made available each year for the purchase of ergonomic office furniture and equipment; and
  • Article 6.25 sets out the parameters for members to apply for the annual $160,000 Laurentian University Research Fund.

All aspects of sessional employment are delineated in Articles 4.10 to 4.90, including compensation, seniority, establishment, complimentary membership in physical exercise facilities, and exemption from tuition fees.

Please contact us if you are experiencing problems that relate to the Collective Agreement such as workload (Article 5.40), assessment of performance (Article 5.50), and discipline (Article 5.75). We also have a guide, entitled Have a problem? – which may help determine when we should be contacted. We also have another guide, entitled Your career, on the process of applying for renewal, tenure or promotion.

The employer and the union jointly sponsor the Angus Gilbert Distinguished Colleague Award which recognizes notable service by academics who during their careers were both university administrators and union officers.

We suggest that you read your Collective Agreement to understand further your legal relationship with the employer, including rights and responsibilities. This glossary of labour relations terms may also be helpful. We would be happy to respond to any questions that you may have.