LUFA Welcomes Provincial Support Amid Uncertainty

SUDBURY, December 16 2021

The Laurentian University Faculty Association, along with the entire Laurentian community, breathes
a sigh of relief now that the Ontario government has announced it will finally provide some muchneeded
funding to secure the future of Laurentian University.

Over the past 11 months, over 100 faculty positions were terminated, many staff positions were
eliminated, 69 programs were closed, students were left scrambling and the campus was decimated.
While welcomed, this help comes almost a year after Laurentian University filed for court protection
under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

“We have always maintained that using the CCAA was inappropriate and that the Ontario
government had to show leadership and be part of the solution,” stated LUFA Executive Director
Linda St-Pierre. “Because of their refusal to act sooner, many Faculty members and their families
were forced to go through the claims process, meaning cents on the dollars, once all is said and

LUFA welcomes the much-needed changes to the Laurentian Board. The secretive and nonconsultative
approach of the university administration led to the current situation. While a renewed
Board membership can help drive the necessary changes, it must come with a commitment to
abolish the culture of secrecy that has prevailed for too long. The Laurentian community must be at
the core of developing the vision and mandate for a strong, sustainable Laurentian University.

“Despite the ongoing challenges, Faculty members remain committed and passionate about the
delivery of quality postsecondary education for the Greater Sudbury community – and beyond,”
added Linda St-Pierre. “We understand and share the community’s frustration towards Laurentian’s
administration, but we are hopeful that, if an inclusive approach is taken, we may yet be able to build
a better, brighter future together,” she concluded.


LUFA was founded in 1979 and, prior to CCAA proceedings, represented over 400 full-time and 300
parttime professors at Laurentian University, the University of Sudbury, Huntington University, and
Thorneloe University. Today, LUFA represents roughly 250 full-time and 200 part-time professors at
Laurentian University.

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